Imprint is a physical representation of the experience of Indigenous peoples who grew up off their homelands yet still have a deep connection with the land. The focus of this presentation of Imprint is a handmade, traditional Diné (Navajo) skirt patterned with cyanotype-printed images of the Navajo Nation Reservation. The patterns, composed of the sky, hogans, and the land, nod to traditional symbols used in Navajo storytelling rug weavings. Through this integration of photographic and textile work, the story of an Indigenous emigrant’s relationship with their homelands is woven between the stitches.
Materials: Cotton fabric, potassium ferricyanide, ferric ammonium citrate, madder root, and aluminum triformate bought in Northern California; polyester thread bought in Western Georgia; Navajo Tea harvested by members of the Naakaii Dine’é Clan from the Navajo Nation; hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate bought in New York City; New York City tap water
Installation at Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries, New York, NY
March 2024 
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